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Our Process Features People Who Care

Yes, we make better products than other custom case goods manufacturers – and it’s because we have a superb production process, communication that is second to none, and especially people who care.  

Key members of our team, including senior management, work together side-by-side to keep your order moving forward properly and promptly:

Your order is sent by the sales representative to the operations team

Our Vice President of Operations reviews your order for accuracy against the original quote, then notifies the Vice President of Global Development that your order has been received


Your order is entered into our proprietary Business Application System (BAS), which notifies all relevant departments about the order – notably engineering, project management, and quality control

  • You have 24/7 access to BAS through a special internet portal so you can conveniently track every detail of your order up-to-the-minute

Assignments are made for:

Project Manager, based in North America – this person guides your order, is always aware of every detail, and is your primary contact

Factory – we use facilities in Vietnam that provide major advantages over other off-shore countries, specifically faster delivery, no import fees, and higher quality, and no tariffs or duties  

Project Coordinator, based in our Vietnam office

Waist up of specialist in field of design is productively working at laptop on new project
Worker Scanning Package In Warehouse.jpg
asian young man wrote some flowchart model word to make office meeting material.jpg

Your order is now a “project” – while an order is simply a financial transaction, a project represents our bond with you, the customer, to add value to your property


A weekly production conference call is held to review the status of your project in detail, with participants including


  • Project Manager

  • Vice Presidents of Operations, of Global Development, and of Vietnam Operations

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO), as needed

This is real customer service in real time from real people. Because we understand that the perfect product isn’t perfect if it is delivered late or damaged or not to your expectations.

And our responsibilities don’t end when a product is manufactured and shipped. We remain conveniently available so you are satisfied now and for as long as you own our case good products.

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