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Our Products Are Custom Engineered


We provide you with more options, more control, and more service than any other case goods manufacturer.

We start by designing the products that you want and need


  • A series of precise 3-D product drawings show you what the finished product will look like in your space

  • The functional design that you approve is then translated into detailed, machine-readable shop drawings that carefully and properly guide manufacturing at our factory

  • All members of our team pride themselves on meeting – and exceeding – both our production standards and your product expectations

top view of two colleagues interior designers discussing data with design diagram on new m

To make sure that happens, we conduct extremely thorough quality assurance inspections at multiple steps, notably:


  • Pre-production

  • In-Line

  • End of Production

Smart warehouse management system using augmented reality technology to identify package p

Finally, we concentrate on dependable delivery of your products – this is often the most frustrating and least predictable part of your case goods order process, but not with Telos Furniture


  • To avoid problems of unexpected costs, damage, and delays, we have developed a logistics model that is grounded in preparation, flexibility, and transparency

  • The result: we have an unmatched record for delivering what you need, when you want it, and in the condition you deserve it – and always at the best possible transportation price in a market known for being ruthless and volatile

  • Every container, along with its assigned serial number and the transporting vessel’s estimated time of arrival, is meticulously entered in our online Business Application System (BAS) – and you are notified by your Project Manager

  • Your Project Manager continually tracks your shipment for updates until final delivery is properly completed to the designated job site or warehouse

  • In addition, you have 24/7 online access to all shipping details directly from your mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer

At Telos, the only thing we don’t deliver is compromise!

Commitment to excellence at every step, every day, on every project. It’s a simple business philosophy that we take very seriously – and we deliver unmatched results, along with unmeasurable peace of mind.

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